International Trade


We help our clients understand, adapt to, and navigate the changing local, regional and global trade architecture and assist them in organizing their operations to minimize risk, reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and improve performance.

We provide timely and accurate information as well as in-depth analysis, advising on the execution of strategies designed to gain access to and develop new markets, increase profits, and build a successful long-term strategy.


  • We negotiate the removal of tariffs and non-tariff barriers to trade, to preserve market access, increase exports, or help to grow profits.
  • We settle international disputes aiming at fair, balanced, and mutually beneficial arrangements.
  • We structure long-term partnerships as well as specific projects, and steer the negotiation process to secure a successful outcome.
  • We carry out international trade compliance, including complying with technical regulatory requirements and get the necessary approvals and certifications to secure market access.
  • We advise on how to optimize value chains taking advantage of new technologies and the existing network of trade agreements.