Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs


We understand all relevant issues at the intersection of business, politics and policy. Leveraging on our extensive experience and network of key government and business decision-makers in the region, we support our clients in navigating fast changing market ecosystems, charting an effective legislative and political strategy, and maximizing the value of their endeavors to manage policy risks and secure business opportunities.


  • We work with clients to help them understand the nuances of the unique political and regulatory landscape in each country and the way it affects their business.
  • We help clients build and manage effective coalitions with strategic stakeholders to pursue policy objectives that translate into business opportunities.
  • We work with clients to design, implement and advance strong, effective, and long-lasting government relationship strategies to manage policy risk and influence policy goals.
  • We build public-private partnerships to generate value for our clients and to achieve impactful outcomes.
  • We shape effective advocacy strategies, help implement them, and mobilize resources to provide a measurable impact on the course of legislation, rule-making and policy-making at every level, addressing the underlying forces that drive policy on the ground.
  • We develop nuanced messaging and strategic communications to effectively convey your message and translate it into strategic outcomes.
  • We provide accurate data and information, gather intelligence and monitor policy issues which are critical for our clients’ business.
  • We offer political, legislative and policy analysis and counsel to assess and address the potential impact on trade and investment projects and determine the best course of action.